Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pehla Nasha Remix Version

Hi Freinds

Presenting the remix version of the very popular romantic song Pehla Nasha. Although I am yet to complete the entire song, the famous pre-lude of this song is ready for publishing.

Idea Tune - Remix Version

Hi Friends

Presenting a remix version of the famous Idea tune. I have created this music piece in FL Studio and Sound Forge. I will periodically publish remixed versions of popular tunes in my blog.

Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai

Publishing the chord for the modern day classic - "Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai". Sung by Sonu Nigam and Composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, this song is one of the best creations ever made.

(C)Har Ghadi Badal Rahi Hai

(Em)Rup Zindagi

(C)Chhaon Hai Kabhi Kabhi Hai

(Em)Dhoop Zindagi

Har Pal Ya (F)han

Ji Bhar Ji (C)yo

Jo Hai Sa (F)ma (A#)a

Kal Ho Na (C)Ho (G)0

(G)Chahe Jo Tumhe Pure (Dm)Dil Se

(G)Milta Hai Wo Mush (F)kil Se (C)e e

(G)Aisa Jo Koi Ka (Dm)hin Hai

(G)Bas Wahi Sab Se Ha (F)seen (C)Hai

(C)Us Hath (F)Ko

Tum Tham (C)Lo

Wo Meher (F)Baan (A#)n n

(A#)Kal Ho Na (C)Ho

(G)Palko Ke Leke (Dm)Sa ye e

(G)Paas Koi Jo (F) A (C)ye e

(G)Lakh Samhalo

(Dm)Pagal Dil Ko

(G)Dil Dhadke Hi (F)Ja ye (C)e

(C)Par Soch (F)Lo

Is Pal Hai (C)Jo

Wo Das (F)ta aan (A#)n

(A#)Kal Ho Na (C)Ho

Monday, July 5, 2010

Amaro Porano Jaha Chay

Friends ,

Here I am with the second Rabindra Sangeet - Amaro Porano jaha Chay. This is a very popular romantic song and also quite easy to learn.In the videos presented below I have shown the left hand and right hand seperately. The actual chord notation is also presented seperately. You cab also refer to the My pages section ( in the right hand side of the page ) for Rabindra Sangeet notations.
Here comes the first part of the song :

Here comes the second part of the song.

The third and final part of the song.

Finally the chord notation -

(G#)Amaro (F) po rano jaha (A#m)chay

(A#m) Tumi (D#) tai tumi tai ( C#) go

(G#)Amaro (F) po rano jaha (A#m)chay

(A#m )Toma Chara Ar E jo (C#)gote

(A#)Mor keho Nai Kichu (D#)nai (C#)go

(G#)Amaro (F) po rano jaha (A#m)chay

(A#m)Tumi (F)sukho jodi nahi (A#m)pao

(A#m)Jao (F)sukhero sondhane (G#)ja (D#)oo

(D#)Ami (A#m)tomare peyechi hrido (F)yo ma (A#m) jhe

(A#m)Aro (D#)kichu nahi chai (C#)go

(G#)Amaro (F) po rano jaha (A#m)chay

(A#m)Ami (D#)tomar birohe (A#m)rohinu bilino

(D#)Tomake koribo (C#)bash

(G#)Dirgho di (F)boso (A#m)dirgho rojoni

(G#)Dirgho bo (D#)rosho (A#m)mash

(A#m)Jodi a (F)ro kare bhalo (A#)baso

(A#m)Jodi (F)ar fire nahi (G#)aso (D#)oo

(D#)Tobe (A#m)tumi (A#m)jaha chao

(A#m)ta (F)i jeno (A#m)pao

(A#m)Ami jo (D#)to dukho (D#)pai (C#)go

(G#)Amaro (F) po rano jaha (A#m)chay

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rabindra Sangeet - Purano Sei Diner Kotha

This post contains the very beutiful and popular Rabindra Sangeet "Purano Sei Diner Kotha" played in piano. The video tutorial of the song is presented here along with a screenshot of the notation. This is a very basic song and should be a very joyful learning experience for budding pianists. Please visit the "Rabindra Sangeet Notations" page for notation of the song in excel format.

The first part of the song is presented in the video below :

Rest part of the song is presented in the video below :

Screenshot of the Piano Notation is provided below. It contains notation for both left hand as well as the right hand.

Please visit the Popular Rabindra Sangeet page ( in the right hand side pane ) for the notation in Excel format.

If you are wondering how to play the chords in the left hand, please have a look at the video below. The chord A# is played in the video below :

Notice that the root note of the chord is played first, followed by all the notes of the chord. Please follow the Chords Tutorial page for a complete tutorial of all the basic chords. Here the waltz beat has been played with the left hand. The rythm pattern is 123-123.

For ease of understanding the video of the chord C is also shown below :